What is a CMA?       
A Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA, is the most accurate method available to Massachusetts homesellers to determine their home’s value in order to select a home sale price.
Selling your Massachusetts home comes with challenges, it's not easy and finding the right price for your property is not simple. The value of a home is difficult to gauge and information available to home sellers can sometimes be untrustworthy or inaccurate. Many online sites are based on past home sales in your area, they don't necessarily take into account current market conditions, your home's unique features, or your individual needs (i.e. speedy sale). Newspapers, real estate websites, magazines, etc. provide some information but if you can only see the list price & not the sale price--they can be drastically different. 

A CMA is the best method available to you in order to find the current value of your home.
The first step in a CMA is for Kathy Stankard to walk through your home. At this time, based on her knowledge of the market she may recommed improvements that will increase your home's value. After viewing and getting a feel for your home she will research information about comparative properties in the area, including recent sales, active listings, pending sales, and in some cases expired listings. Finally a meeting will be set up to review the research findings, suggest a price, and review the detailed marketing plan for your home. 

Please fill out the Comparative Market Analysis form below so I can start to formulate my research on your actual home value.

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