21 Schofield
Franklin, MA 02038
Year Built: 1959

This cozy cape reflects the hopefulness of the post war era in the 50s, with a beautiful pop of pastel blue color amid muted grays, browns and creams particularly abundant in the kitchen and bathrooms. Featured in the home is even the traditional upholstered furniture of the decade. Hardware, a popular flooring material of the time, has been freshly refinished.

In the 20s, architects experimented with the use of triangular shapes, however it wasn’t until the 50s that this craftsman-style feel became prevalent which shows through in the designing of the wood paneled walls and ceiling beams, as well as in the fireplace. This house was built on the cusp of the 1960s though and features trends popular of that decade, like being having a multi-level plan, which moved away from the single level ranch style that was popular in the 50s.

The aesthetic of this home blends a touch of the 50s, 60s and current trends. The kitchen is fully remodeled and missing the kitschy vibe of the time, lacking in those loud colors famous of the era. Additionally, many homes in the 50s had some industrial qualities using steel and glass which is missing from this home. All and all, this property is not truly emblematic of the 50s architectural style the era is renowned for, but it has left in some key elements like the color scheme, hardwood flooring and the integration of triangular shapes throughout the space.

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