48 Mill St
Franklin, MA 02038
Year Built: 1977

The trends of the 1970’s were wild for some and homey for others. There were a few particular housing trends that took off in this decade, although many homes did not partake in this.

Even though this decade featured multiple recessions, there were still plenty of houses built for the growing families. Due to the baby boomer generation beginning to move out, new homes were needed for larger families; this caused many houses to be built quite large in order to support housing multiple people comfortably.

This house in particular, however, located in Franklin, MA, does not abide by those standards. With only 1,847 sq ft of space, this sort of house would not accommodate for the same needs as those living in the 1970’s. However, if living with a small family, this can still be a great option for you, as the construction in the 1970’s was relatively sound and sturdy.

The interior does not follow the 1970’s classic designs and trends such as shag carpeting, wooden panels, and bright, plastic furniture. Although if one wishes, it could be easily transformed into your typical 70’s era household. The outside construction was also typically formed with bricks, stone, and sometimes minimalist white ranch styles. However, this home can still be transformed with a little bit of work, and a lot of added space, to be transformed into the typical 70’s aesthetic.

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