Redevelopment a Sign of Strong and Stable Property Values

When deciding to sell your home, increasing the value is one of your first priorities. If living in a community where redevelopment has taken place, you should definitely be excited as this can raise your property value. And, if you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon, you can still benefit by staying in a community where commercial redevelopment is taking place. If you are located near 45 Kenwood Circle in Franklin, Ma, then you can start getting excited about these possibilities.

A partner of the Green Site Services Group in Bellingham, MA, dubbed TMC Holdings and Development, LLC, has decided to redevelop land along the property acquired. They have 7.49 acres of space with a former glass recycling building owned by Strategic Materials, and have decided to to redevelop this area to fit in with the community’s current needs. A 50,000 square foot industrial building will be constructed after the glass building is demolished.

This area of Franklin, MA has been in need of redevelopment or quite some time; industrial space is typically a good sign for community improvement. This land was not in use and only housing an abandoned building; however, once the construction is complete, this could possibly open the doors to new businesses to move in, with job offerings in tow. This particular building was considered a nuisance among the community and even even caused environmental issues that many local residents did not approve of. Demolishing and constructing a new building will presumably make the town look more aesthetic, and Green Site Services is planning to utilize eco-friendly practices as well.

Businesses are quite excited for this new change to occur, as well as the current residents residing in the area. Those wishing to stay will benefit from new jobs and business, while those already planning to leave will see a spike in their property value. The plans to redevelop this area of Franklin has only brought good news so far. The construction of this building will be between Exits 16 and 17, which is highly accessible and a short distance from the station. There are businesses occupying the nearby areas already, including Dell/EMC, Garelick Farms, and a few others.

Franklin, MA has been a great choice for businesses to move into due to their pro-business stances and low tax rates. The fact that more and more businesses are adding this area to their list should be a great sign. The more you attract new industrial companies, the more jobs you create for the locals to work. Hopefully this winning streak will keep up and the community will continue development into something much more grand than it’s already turning out to be now; however, it will take a lot of support from the local community to make this happen. Businesses may not know the space and opportunity Franklin, MA has to offer, so getting the word out and inviting new companies to invest in the area will benefit both the residents of Franklin and the companies.

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